Decorated Wedding Chairs

decorated wedding chairs

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decorated wedding chairs - Kelsyus Original

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair,Blue

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair,Blue

It's just not comfortable and practical its ingenious. With one simple motion, the canopy lifts easily to convert the familiar quad style chair to your own personal oasis. Then the cleverly designed waterproof canopy becomes the bag, with two padded shoulder straps, making it easy to carry. This unique patent pending, fully integrated design means no flimsy carriers to assemble or lose.

Made with lightweight steel and heavy-duty polyester fabric, the Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair is the ideal seating solution for any outdoor activity. It offers a cool, shady place close at hand with 100 percent UV protection. Folded down and closed, the waterproof canopy becomes the carry bag with two padded shoulder straps for hands-free portability. The folding chair includes two beverage holders in the wide armrests, 600D heavy-duty fabric, and a 16mm powder coated steel frame.

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Wedding Chair

Wedding Chair

This photo portrays men carrying a traditional wedding chair through a Chinese street. In this traditional wedding, the Chinese emphasized the family while state authority was entirely absent, as shown by the lack of flags and pictures of party leaders. These men are carrying the bride’s elaborate wedding chair, or the Ting Hsien Wedding Chair, towards the bride’s house to pick her up. However, as the Nationalists were taking control, they wanted to change the focus of the people from family to the state. Therefore, since the wedding was such an integral part of celebrating the family, they targeted this event to ensure people always thought of the state. In these new Nationalist ceremonies, party and national flags were ever-present, and people would bow to them, along with the prime minister's portrait, numerous times as part of the standard wedding procedure. They also emphasized the state by not reserving a special spot for prominent guests such as the bride and groom’s family. For the wedding portrayed, the emphasis is placed on the actual couple getting married, especially because of the spectacular wedding chair. Not only did this chair attract attention, but it also represented the lavish traditional ceremony because of its finely decorated structure and its embroidery. The Nationalists wanted to abolish useless expenses such as this wedding chair and institute a wedding ceremony that would promote the state.

wedding spot

wedding spot

Chairs and wedding Altar (decorated last minute by the Groom's brothers and Bride's Aunt, Uncle, and parents)

decorated wedding chairs

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