Jungle Theme Decoration

jungle theme decoration

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Jungle Cake

Jungle Cake

Here's the cake we worked on today. The customer asked for a Diego cake and we worked with her to come up with a jungle theme and she used her son's Diego figure for the topper.

It's a 6" strawberry/8" chocolate cake combination. Vanilla buttercream frosting and fondant decorations. There is a hippo, a parrot, a snake and what is supposed to be a jaguar. Plastic topper belonged to the customer.

They really liked it when they picked it up this afternoon, so I hope it turns out to be the hit of the party!

Thanks to Sweet Dispositions' Cakes and Andrea's SweetCakes for their inspiration cakes!

Babes of the Jungle

Babes of the Jungle

A baby shower cake made to match the Nursery. Both layers were Yellow cake, the top tier has a raspberry filling, the first tier has a lemon filling. The cake was set on on box that matched the jungle theme. All animals and decorations were made from fondant.

jungle theme decoration

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